The app that will help you educate
your patients

Dear Dr.

At Eli Lilly we strive to make life better for people all around the world. We believe, that knowledge about their disease can help people live a better life with their medical conditions.

This tool will help patients understand their medical condition better, and it will facilitate you and your patients conversation.

This dynamic tool uses video demonstrations to compare between the physiology of man with ED/BPH to the physiology of a man without ED/BPH. This helps the patient to gain a better understanding of the underlying course of his condition. And thus a better understanding and acceptance of the treatment chosen.

This app includes information on different sections regarding ED: what ED is, its symptoms, causes and the role of the couple, .... as well as a section with information about BPH.

To see this video, please enable JavaScript or upgrade to the latest HTML5 compatible browser.

Eduardo García Cruz, MD
Urology and Men’s Health
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Available for PCs, smartphones and tablets

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